Razor Mesh

A Razor Mesh fences consist of straight blade netting welded together forming a diamond shape throughout the fence. Razor Mesh fences are a high quality product offering sufficient security for any property. Security can be further enhanced on the mesh fences via an electrified wall top fence line.

Recommended Applications

Military Bases

Water Reservoirs

Electrical Substations



Construction Sites


Good Quality vs Price Relevant to Other Security Products

Moderately Long Lifetime

Anti-cut Properties From Standard Cutting Tools

Almost Impossible to Climb

Neat Appearance

No Secondary Uses (No Use in Stealing)

Wire Apertures

  • 150x300mm (Standard)
  • 75x150mm (High Density)

Core Wire Diameter

  • 2.24mm Wire punched with blades over wire

Coating Options

  • Standard Aluminium Finish with Red-Oxide Undercoat
  • Hot-Dip Galvanized

Posts & Stays

Posts (Outer Diameter):

  • 76mm
  • 101mm

Stays (Outer Diameter):

  • 38mm
  • 50mm

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*Post and stays wall thickness vary from 1.6mm up to 6mm.