Electric Fencing

A security Electric Fence is a barrier that uses high-voltage shocks to deter any unwanted intruders. An Electric Fence can either stand on its own, be fastened or fixed to an existing barrier (called “piggyback”), or fixed on top of any existing barrier, such as mesh fencing, panel fencing, palisade, brick walls & cement walls.

Recommended Applications

(Any Space That Needs Added Security and Monitoring)

Correctional Facilities



Public Spaces


Municipal Sites


Lightly or Fully Galvanized

Moderately Long Lifetime

Quick Installation

High Voltage Shocks on Touch

Alarm is Sounded Upon Tampering or Infiltration of Perimeter

A "Break In" is Delayed Giving Precious Time for a Reaction Team to Respond

Wire Specifications

  • Line Spacing:

    • 100mm

    Stranded aluminium alloy wire:

    • 1.6mm,
    • 2mm.

    *Variations determine electric fencing materials used for the perimeter fence.

Coating Options

  • Black Powder Coated
  • Hot-Dip Galvanized

Posts & Stays

  • Posts (Outer Diameter):

    • 76mm,
    • 101mm
  • Stays (Outer Diameter):

    • 38mm,
    • 50mm

Y-Standards & Brackets

  • Y-Standards:

    • 1.2m,
    • 1.8m,
    • 2.4m,
    • 3m,
    • 3.6m.

    *Bitumen Coated

    Piggyback Brackets:

    • Pre-galvanized,
    • Hot Dip Galvanized

    Wall Brackets:

    • Round bar
    • Square bar
    • Flat bar

*Post and stays wall thickness vary from 1.6mm up to 6mm.

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