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Diamond Mesh Fence

Diamond Mesh

Diamond mesh is a fence primarily used for domestic and commerial perimeters. Easily installed with different addons such as razor wire flat wrap and shade netting. Commonly used on construction sites as a temporary hoarding.

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Welded Mesh

Welded mesh is commonly used for partitioning and on farms for livestock camps. The wires are electrically welded to form a grid making this fence highly durable and strong.

Welded Mesh Fence
Razor Mesh Fence

Razor Mesh

Razor mesh is a made from razor blades welded in a diamond shape. The design allows the fence to deter intruders by making deep cuts. Mostly used as a high security boundary.

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Gates are made in standard sizes for each fence type. Allowing pedestrian or vehicle access. Most mesh gates are manually operated using a bolt latch and padlock.

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Mesh Gates

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